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Hello, dear fans. I was asked to tell You a few words about our site As we learned, many people do not even know about this resource in the Internet or of all its potential. I'll try to give you a full picture of what we have. And to make it more interesting, I'll break it into several paragraphs which will complement each other: the past, the present of our site and our future plans.

The past

The site originally was designed for the fans of our «Great and Strong» club as a place where we could communicate, read and discuss the fresh news from our team and support life. Over the first year (2006) we were trying everything: we used many content management systems and built, as it seemed to us, the best site of the world, with news and comments, lots of photographs from matches, huge information of the ultras life from many countries. Special attention was given to the news blocks, ultras movement photo reviews and, certainly, the place of communication — the forum and news comments. Unluckily, the original platform with its hosting provider and software could not manage the growing visitors number and the site started having more and more problems in winter. Later, some few weeks per month our site was falling victim to hacker attacks and also due to frequent disconnections and problems with the content management. So, this had to be stopped and the site was decided to be changed radically. We wrote it from square one without using any other content management systems. All we had now was the forum, a few blogs and the «Ultras world» photo review section.

The present

By the summer 2007 the main sections of the site were rewritten and run quite successfully. The site maintains its load with a huge reserve. We are lucky with a new hosting provider and the only thing we have to do now is just filling the section contents and maintaining the news blog. Additionally, we have restored «References», «Library», «Video» and «Away Travel» sections. Go visit them! Enjoy reading and watching!

In the «Reference» section you can have an access to all valuable Internet resources about FC Spartak Moscow, sports, ultras life and Russian professional football clubs from all divisions. The «Europe» section gives information on the leading and most interesting European championships. There you can vote for the most interesting championships. The references given lead you not only to the official club sites, but also to the club supporter sites. In general, this section is a very good place to learn what many other fans around the world do and talk about. The section is maintained not only by us, the «site people», but also by You. Just use our easy search and send the lacking references to the site organizer.

In the «Away Travel» section you can get an interesting information of the cities and countries which our football, ice-hockey and Russian national teams are going to visit. So, this time we are preparing reviews of all the cities that will host Euro-2008. Each city review is provided with its according topic in the forum. There you can discuss travels before and after matches.

The «Library» section contains various information, such as books about «Spartak», its players and managers, magazines, articles, fanzines and issues of the Fratria newspaper. Particularly, it contains all the issues of the «Moskovskiy Spartak» (Spartak Moscow) magazine, all «Ultras News» fanzines and a lot more. We have been the first who launched the scanning project of the «Spartak» magazine that was issued at the turn of the millennium. We are actively searching for other fanzines and we would be much obliged if You could help us find them! There is also a search button on books and fanzines as their number is growing and is near one hundred now.

The recently restored «Video» section contains video materials about football ultras life and their number is growing every week. We also lay out most interesting matches with our club; they are selected through voting on the «Forum». For the visitors service the video can be downloaded through FTP-server. The films are divided into those with and without translation. Download and enjoy watching! With the coming issue of the magazine we plan to place a video clip — a preview to the «Support Formula 2007» DVD.

And to cap it all, there is a good old «Season» section which has a complete statistics on Spartak matches in different tournaments, including reserves and even friendly matches during off-season, both summer and winter. So we have already placed the match schedule of the First Channel Cup 2008 tournament. Besides tables, reports and schedules, the section also has much more interesting information like the fan reviews before and after matches including photo and video materials. In this section you will find detailed description of all clubs with its stadiums Spartak has ever played with. Not so much detailed as other clubs have or the «Away Travel» has, bit still you can easily find references to the consequent clubs and cities. In this section you can easily navigate between different sections and pages of the site. From there you can go to the current tournament table which is placed on the main page and then go directly to the Spartak season schedule or played matches reports. Quite new for the «Season» section is the recently opened «Hockey» sub-section.

Start chatting at the «Forum» and «Blogs» pages where you can read and comment on articles and other reference material, not posted on the site.

The site has a very funny and informative «On Tour» competition with questions on the history of Our Great Club and its achievements, players and plays which have become a legend for the Red-Whites. Especially popular are questions on geography. The best erudite persons receive prizes and the final winner takes the major prize — «The EuroTravel with Fratria».

20 October 1982 is a tragic date. After the UEFA Cup match with the Dutch «Haarlem» on the Luzhniki Stadium death took lives of 66 (official figure) of our brothers and sisters. 25 years have passed and we decided to create a special project «». There you will find photos, audio and video materials commemorating that event. We keep on providing the project with more materials. We will never forget you!

Now the site is being filled not only with news and Your messages, but also with some other actual information to read and discuss between tours. And as a result the number of its visitors is growing more and more all this year. At the start of the redesigned site the daily number of its visitors was around 10,000. The last months show the figure to have exceeded 20,000! We are very happy to know You have chosen us. And we are now passing over to our plans.

The future

We have grand plans. It's easier to guess what we will never do than to tell you what we are going to do. The work with site involves hundreds of hands and brains, still it requires more…Anyway, we have our plans and sooner we will do the following.

The site will soon manage to register and lead the user's profile. Once you enter the site we will recognize you and give you a personal functional, not the same pages for all users. And you can edit your own profile, look at the list of other users and their profiles. Depending on the user's information we will show the statistics on user's hometowns and birthdays, active chatter's ratings and newcomers, most common names and even most popular favourite clubs. Guess which will be at the top?;)

The registered users can leave their comments in the «Library» (a certain literary club) and in «Video» sections where you can download and discuss not only films, but videos with goals, supports and full video matches. The books read and matches visited by the same users will create a common topic place for discussion and exchange of opinions.

Some comments will certainly appear in the news, as it happened earlier. But only the «Guest forum» can give the full picture of the events in the club and football in general, fresh insides, information leakages and so on.
Such sections as «References», «Season» and «Away Travels» will keep on evolving and growing into its best. The «References» section will contain site references to all valuable world club tournaments. The «Away Travels» will cover all towns and countries where our club and the national team are going to play. And the «Season» section will hold complete statistics of tournaments with Spartak participation since its birth in 1922.

Our site necessarily needs to open new sections. The most expected is the «Team» section with information about Spartak players, past and present, reserves and managers, legends worthy of the «Hall of Fame». Quite soon we expect to open «Fratria Shop». Now we are writing the sections of «Wallpapers», «Goals», «Plays» and audio and video materials are soon to be filed back to their former places. We also project the «Predictions» section, the English version of the site and the version for mobile connection. We want to do a lot of things but need more help, so if you have time and program in Perl, come visit us and the site will develop faster than before. Write us at See you at our site!

meridian.S and riva


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