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Help the children!

Dear friends! Every year over 300 children get to children’s homes. There are thousands а specialized institutions and millions of children needing your help. We’ve set the goal of uniting efforts of many people (not just only football fans) to give support to children’s homes. And we do mean business!

About our group of initiators:
The group was founded in autumn 2007 to give free support and all-round help to orphans and children left without care. It consists of not only football supporters but also of people standing far from sports activities. A diverse group of people with different life interests have united to reach the common and only goal, though.

And this goal is a social support of orphaned children. Our prime interest is communication and dialog, not just giving gifts to children for the sake of gifts or imagemaking. We are trying to get along with children and inspire them with the idea that they are not social outcasts but part of our community.

What we do:

  • Organize excursions for children to a number of social and cultural events;
  • Perform welfare programs and activities, such as the New Year holiday parties etc;
  • Collect voluntary donations and contributions;
  • Develop contacts with suchlike organizations in Russia and abroad.

How can I contribute:

When using any of these services the receiver is Anton Volodin, Balaklavskiy pr-kt, d 3 kv 483 Moscow Russia 117639.

Results of our activities:

Person responsible for Donation collection - Anton Volodin. ICQ: 406327017, e-mail —, mobile telephone: +7 916-729-50-53. Please let him know transfer check number, amount, sender’s country name, city, surname and donation purpose. If you are to answer a test question, be sure to send this test question and its answer.


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