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Aims and Objectives

Our basic aim is to support FC Spartak Moscow team. In order to reach this aim we produce bright performance at the stadium and create unique atmosphere because of which players struggle showing no mercy to themselves while millions of people all over the world enjoy football.

Our objective is to organize the most powerful and big army of fans – fans of FC Spartak Moscow. We carry out the trips to different cities and countries for watching matches and supporting our team.

Why are we involved in it?

So as to provide the high level of support we need discipline and order, and exactly this is our job. Also we want the support of our team not to be worse than the best teams’ one (like AC Milan or SS Lazio). Fratria was created mainly for this. Fratria means ‘brotherhood’ in Latin.

Why do we do it?

We do those things which on the surface seem to be simple and even unnecessary. But will it be comfortable for you to watch a match and will it be easy for footballers to play if a stadium is empty? Even if the Luzhniki Stadium is full of usual silent supporters, will be there much delight?

We also can be proud of different events, meetings, tournaments which were organized by us – all these actions bring us together indeed.


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