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Main » 2010 » June » 20 » Fratria. Season 2009 results.
Fratria. Season 2009 results.

Fratria. Season 2009 results.

Season 2009 has come to an end. Now it’s time to sum it up.

I will break this article into the following chapters:

1. Our support
2. Tours
3. Membership
4. Relationships with the club
5. Social projects
6. Our site
7. The finance
8. The general resume and plans for 2010

Some sections are written by those who are responsible for these directions with my small edition.

1. Our support

I will gradually walk along the whole season and try to mention all the significant moments of this year.

All has begun in a low season period when we found out that Zenit was going to be our rival in the first round of the championship. We have been slowly, approximately preparing for this game for about a month. We have decided to replace the usual modules with small flags and to display a composition from them that we hadn't done earlier. But if 15-16 thousand sheets of paper are rather inexpensive and not volume, more than 12000 flags on staffs make a full van and a heap of work. But as we have begun the preparation in advance, everything has been made without any haste, as it had been planned. The results you could observe at the first round match.

("Our aim")

The main mistakes:

- Flags needed to be made one and a half - two times larger;

- The figure 1 on a banner needed to be shaded in order to look brighter.


In the 4th round there happened a significant enough event. Basically uninteresting match with FC "Moskva" will be remembered by the first serious attempt to make a mass, organized corteo. Before that case there was an attempt on a hockey in Minsk (about 20 people) and in the second round in Krasnodar (roughly 300 people).


I perfectly remember the first reaction - the majority mocked and neighed at it. Even our fans were among those who laughed at this corteo. And the participants sweared: "we went too quickly", "the support was awful" etc. My only comment on this corteo on one of the sites was: "He laughs best who laughs last!"


When in the beginning of 2009 we met and while drinking a couple of beers discussed a forthcoming season, we have decided to pay special attention to the away games: to make our away sectors more colourful and probably even to arrange small performances. This year has presented to us superb Ramenskoe, Rostov, Kazan.

2 weeks after the game with FC "Moskva" we had an away match in Kazan. Time has come to answer to all the bullshitters and "well-wishers" and in Kazan we have organized a magnificent, tremendous corteo, gathered more than 1500 people!

Again we made several mistakes: from time to time we went too quickly, the support was not very сool, but we gradually gained an excellent experience.

Thanks to the team (we have won 2-0), the match in Kazan besides the fuckin' banner was remembered by colourful, loud and massive support.

The following match with "Dynamo" should be noted because of a small performance.

("Victory only")

At the same time there was a first large conflict in that season between fans and the police. In Vladivostok the fan-movement of the football club "Luch" has got under the police press, the result of which was that the fans were not allowed to one of the matches! It has caused a chain reaction to all the stadiums of Russia, banners in support of Vladivostok were made by almost every fan movements of our country, and in some cities the police in every possible way prevented all the actions in support of "Luch", which led to conflicts and fans’ leaving sectors in protest. We didn't stand aside of this problem as well, having organized a competent enough and a resonant action.

("Shoot us all")

Keeping in mind that in addition at this particular time motherfucker major Evsyukov has shot people in a supermarket, cops after this action were extremely angry.

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